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"How might we provide a safe space for young adults so they could share mental struggles, express emotions and find relatedness through reframing social media?"

Nunchi app – first aid for mental struggle

Due to the COVID outbreak and strict social distancing measures, people around the world face diverse challenges in maintaining their well-being. Sadly speaking we are currently dealing with more than one pandemic, since every 40 seconds one person dies of suicide. Furthermore, according to The World Health Organization 1 in 4 people globally will experience a mental disorder in their lifetime.

Here Nunchi comes to the rescue. A digital, yet safe space, where people can express their feelings and struggles anonymously, in a way they find comfortable – through text, image, voice recording, colour, song, quote, you name it. A social medium that is free of charge and dark patterns, but full with emotional supporters and relatedness.

We, as a society, haven't developed ways on how to talk about mental and emotional struggles in the public space. However, sharing struggles and emotions with an on-line community can be the first step to reach for help and support.

Sharing your emotions is caring for yourself

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