Theme: ‘Rebooting Nature’

"How might we ‘connect humans to other animals more? ‘"

Gaia: Interactive 3D installation

What is my new concept? Gaia is in the Greek mythology the personification of mother earth. Gaia is the ancestral mother of all life.

Gaia is an interactive 3D experience where you learn how to connect to other animals again. The experience has as goal show the value of connection to other living beings.

By teaching people about behavior, the similarities between species in behavior and let them experiment with the knowledge they gained in an interactive way they will connect to other living beings again and will make different choices towards them. Because if they know the value of other living beings, they will make different choices towards them. Because something your connected with you will care for differently and value more.

Gaia is for people that are interest in animal behavior in all age groups. This will be an independent exposition, still will be a pop-up/gorilla.

For every different culture/religion there will be a different animal at the center of the exposition. In some cultures/religions some animals aren’t as socially accepted as the other. But the basics of communicating to animals remain the same.

The goal of Gaia is the reconnect to other animals again and show the value of them in human lives.

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