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"How might we ‘help people with irregular shifts transition easier from a state of awake to sleep ‘"

Snoozer, The alarm clock that helps you fall asleep!

Everyone wants a good sleep rhythm, but not everyone is able to get one. Getting quality sleep is the biggest problem among adults who work irregular shifts like in the industry, harbors and hospitals. These people are my one billion. The difficulty in this topic is that a ‘normal’ sleep schedule or rhythm does not fit with these workers while most of the time these people have very dangerous or important jobs.

During my research with this target audience I found out that falling asleep is the biggest problem. They mostly are still in a mental state of being active while they need to sleep, Snoozer helps them get into a more relaxed state of mind making it easier for them to fall asleep.

Snoozer is a different take on an alarm clock, not for aggressive waking but for transitioning.

When turned on you can set in what time you need to wake up, what kind of sound(waves) you would like and a timer for how long you want it to play. The sound helps you take your mind off to drift away to dreamland and will help you wake up in a more natural way.

The clock also has a visual light function, to trigger your inner Circadian clock. This will fake the natural way the sun would rise as you would be awake. As the light of Snoozer would slowly fade your body would react and tell it to go to sleep.


A big part of our working society has trouble sleeping but we don't really do anything to help them while they make sure ours runs perfectly. They make sure every package will be on time, make sure our water and electricity runs and make us better when we are sick. Let's help them with their irregular schedules and give them something to perform and feel better


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