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"How might we ‘guide high school students through their career choice process to help them make a more fitting choice for their follow-up study?’"

Explore Mansion

“Explore yourself and find your future”

At the ending of high school most students must make a hard choice. What are they going to study? Some students have known this for a long time, and some have no idea. Nowadays around circa 30% of students stop in their first year of college. Mostly, because their expectations did not match their reality.

But how does this happen? Nowadays, students start with orienting on studies in their last years of high school and they experience a lot of external pressure. With my innovation, the ‘Explore mansion’ I want to reduce this pressure by extending and simplifying the study choice process and thus decreasing the gap between expectation v.s. the reality.

The ‘Explore Mansion’ consists of 3 floors (phases) in which students will get to know themselves, get recommendations based on their personality & skills and then having the possibility to seeing a possible career in a real context. It is really about starting from within and exploring in an interactive manner. Thus the high school students can have a more personalized study choice process and can make a more certain and sustainable decision.

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