Theme: ‘Work, Culture & Play’

"How might we ‘motivate busy students to work on their school tasks in order to improve their school-life balance?’"

Task A Way

Imagine you are a full-time student, have a job, a social life, hobbies and doing sports. This could make you feel like you have no time left, but the schoolwork is building up and you have no overview anymore in all things you need to do. You would just love to finish it all in time, so you can have some free time for yourself.

A lot of students struggle with getting their homework, projects and deadlines done, because the amount of work is huge. They don’t know how and where they should start. The overview is gone and this demotivates them and they start procrastinating, what will lead to even worse consequence.
More and more students are dealing with severe stress, depression or burn out. This was already the case a few years ago due to performance pressure from society and schools, and the overload of work. The pandemic has made this worse among young people.

With my innovation, I want to make sure that students can get their school tasks done, so that they have time for other things. The moment school is a stable foundation, they will have a better school-life balance and are less likely to suffer from mental health problems.

Task A Way is an app that will transform your task list into a visual world. The visual perspective can help you clean up the big mess of workload you have in your head. You will walk through a world with your character and the objects each represent a task. When you are done with a task, you can tick it off and get points. The collected points will provide new worlds in which you can work.
After getting a task done, you move on to the next. In between, you have given yourself gifts as a reward that you’ve worked towards. These gifts are breaks to do something for yourself, like going for a walk, take a nap, hang out with friends etc. When you have ticked off all of your tasks, you will arrive at the big victory.
You finally have your deserved free time and can celebrate having overview, and getting stuff done!

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