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"How might we ‘slow people down in their daily routine so they can reconnect with others outside their comfortzone.’"


Social acceptance, and connecting with people have been a pretty common subject these days. The term ‘disconnection’ people easily match with covid. But even before covid people already struggled with this problem, but yet remains unsolved.

CityDipity is a system of public installations all over the cities all around the world. You are shifting from going to work to going home, and on your way you see a diptiycoffee machine or a dipityvending machine. You use the dipity machine and while waiting for your product to be dispensed, you look at the screen on the device.

On the screen you see current news, advertisements and what time it is. In addition, the screen asks you a question, which you can answer by touchscreen. Immediately after this you get to see how many people think the same as you and where those people are located.

That's nice, recognition of your opinion. So many people think the same as me. How nice!

At that same moment a card with a QR code comes out of the machine, with which you can download the CityDipity app. On this app you will find an overview of all the dipities. With the QR code you can also participate in a group, where people who answer the same as you, have a nice chat with each other. After this nice chat you see all coupon codes that you can spend with people you get to know on the app.

This way of connecting with people might not be quite how people are used to it. The contact and recognition starts outside of their comfort zone. Outside of their comfort zone where you are switching from context to context.

Social recognition helps people connect through the app. With this initiative we are working towards contact outside of your comfort zone, with an eye towards the future where people are going to look around, and see that even in times of uncertainty you are not alone.

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