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"How might we ‘reduce the loneliness amongst 18 till 25-year olds through an interest-shared connection with others by giving them tools to create a good quality friendship more easily.’"

The Buddy Community

We live busy lives, have so many items on our to-do list and see so many people in a day. But still, loneliness exists. Young adults have a wide network of contacts and see many people at work or at school, but there is still a lack of connection with a lot of these people. If so many of us are lonely on a daily basis, why not do something about it?

The Buddy Community is a multi-dimensional platform where young adults can make connections and form friendships in their own way and pace. Get to know each other digitally and move on to the physical location to get to know each other better during one of the workshops according to your interests.

Bond over cooking lessons, get to know each other better over a museum visit and discuss your mental health worries together during your walk through the city. The Buddy Community is all about bonding over shared-interest and reducing the loneliness that our users might be feeling. Talking about your worries and opening up about your feelings can instantly lead to a better bond and it's even better if you can do it over an activity that you and your new connection both find interesting and fun to do. A partnership with the worldwide organization Scouting leads to an instant community that offers activities and participants already that open you with welcome arms, in all places of the world.

So let’s fight loneliness together and make the best out of these young years!

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