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"How might we ‘help people overcome their public speaking struggles, and help them grow and improve in a fun and engaging way? ‘"

Everspeak – your very own VR speech training

Everspeak is a VR experience that helps you in overcoming public speaking anxiety, by making your journey of improvement fun, engaging, and safe.

Public speaking being the part of everyone’s lives, our solution is for just anyone. Doesn’t matter if you’re a Rookie, just starting his journey, or a Veteran that has already mastered the ins and outs of his speeches, you’ll definitely find more room to grow with our help!

Develop a bond with your own personalized AI companion, that will act as a personal guide, and assistant, throughout the whole process. Take your buddy with you into the real world, by connecting him to a physical object!

Practice your speeches with customized scenarios, daily challenges, AI audience or if you feel comfortable enough - real people.

Receive detailed reports on your speeches, packed with sophisticated data and analyses, displayed in a friendly and clear manner.

Hop into the relaxation mode and let off some steam!

Access the unlimited opportunities of the metaverse and become a part of Everspeak community. Take advice from Experts, become one or create your own little communities based around common topic.

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