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"How might we ‘make medium and small enterprises to retain loyal customers by rewarding them using the blockchain technology?’"


Think of a local place such as a bar, a restaurant, a hairdresser… anything where you have gone so many times, that the employees already know you and treat you like a friend. They even give you free stuff sometimes. Now, think of the brands and companies in which you have consumed the most in the past 3 years. Do you feel like you, loyal customer, are treated any better than any newcomer? Would you actually like to be treated with more proximity from these businesses you feel more loyal to? There are many different types of customers, and Brands always try to look for loyal people like you, as these are the ones that bring value to the business. In order to find them, brands try to reward such customers in order to retain them. These rewards are so-called loyalty programmes. However these programs which are being used so far don't seem to be pretty successful. The rewards given come with lots of conditions, like: 10% in your next purchase over 50€, or for every friend you bring we´ll give you 5 €. These common loyalty programmes lack of effort/value, so they haven’t been effective when it comes to retaining loyal customers

Offsider is here to upgrade the game. We have developed a system in which brands provide NFT rewards with integrated value to its consumers. Consumers will be able to collect such NFTs every time they purchase, and they will be able to exchange them with experiences and rewards such as discounts or products, the more NFTs they collect, the better the reward will be. Everything will happen in a platform in which companies will have their NFT collections and Consumers will be able to redeem and store them as they purchase.

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