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"How might we ‘help teens and young adults find their clothing size that fits their body while shopping at online stores?’"


  Returning your clothes at your favorite shop is easier than ever. You’ll put the return label on the package and bring it to your post office, most of the time right around the corner. This journey leads us to ordering more and more. Just to try it before we actually buy it. But what are the consequences of ordering six jeans, to end up only with one that actually fits? One word: Landfills and all the terrible consequences that entails. Room is brought to the world and for the world to help you find the right size. With the smart technology of depth mapping, we can create a digital version of you with all the right measurements. With one click, you can shop online and see how your favorite items fit on your digital self. No need to wait before it arrives and less returns, while taking care of the planet. All in the comfort of your own room..

Room - The most accurate digital clothing fitting service experienced.

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