Theme: ‘Rebooting Nature’

"How might we ‘give people the possibility to grow insects at home? ‘"


The clean and easy way of growing insects at home

Food production has a great impact on the environment. The production of meat is a big factor when it comes to greenhouse gasses produced in the production of food. With the growing population and the increasing demand for animal proteins, a solution must be found.

In comes my innovation. Circusects is supposed to give you the opportunity to make animal proteins at home by growing nutritious insects on your kitchen counter. It is specifically designed to be used inside your house. It offers a clean and easy process so you can quickly get started in making your own insect meals. There are 4 growing drawers so you can have a harvest almost every month. The eggs will be received via mail and can be ordered through the app.

A part of the food provided to the insects will be food waste from the household which adds to the sustainability, as food waste is also a big problem. As an additional gadget there will be a smart herb garden on the side of the shelf. The nutrients are provided by the excrements of the insects.

Alongside the grow shelf itself there will be recipes and an app to help you with the process. All the different compartments are monitored and if action is needed a notification will be send to your phone.

Circusects looks and feels like a piece of furniture, with a lot of wooden elements. Wood is also used to underline the sustainability aspect of the product. The user should have the feeling of having bought a good quality product.

People nowadays want to be more involved in the process of their food. They like being able to grow their own herbs or vegetables. Also, there is a big movement towards sustainability. Circusects tries to target both of those trends by offering a solution that can get you from nothing to growing insects in a matter of a few easy steps.

Sustainable protein made by you! 

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