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"How might we ‘provide sanitation and better manage water to ensure enough supply to growing underprivileged population? ‘"

Water Supply Station

Today, we have an increasing global population consuming more water on a planet with increasing droughts. Population growth, economic development, climate change and urbanization are driving up demand and further increasing pressure on water quality.

Women and children must carry water to 76% of households and 200 million is the number of work hours spent each day by women collecting their families’ water. 440 million is the number of school days lost to water-related disease each year.

Digitalization also has a tremendous impact on developing countries these days. Almost everyone uses cell phones. The digital empowerment of citizens will give the opportunity to children to continue to go to school while helping their mothers to fetch for clean water.

Water Supply Station

Water Supply Station helps underprivileged families who want to fetch for water by minimalizing the localization of water and enjoying affordable equal prices unlike typical water pumps or other poor water access far away from their home.

It comes with different pump stations that contains clean drinking water. You just need to choose one to be able to refill your water bucket. In order to facilitate the use of this new infrastructure, a website, a mobile application and banners will be set up. This system will give the opportunity for children and women empowerment mainly.

Water of tomorrow, water for everyone!

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