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"How might we ‘teach young consumers and primary school students what e-waste is, how the problem can be reduced and processed a healthier way?’"

E - Boards Method

E-waste is a unseen problem for many people. People buy all the new electronic devices but don’t know the consequences after the products are replaced or broken. They end up on a landfill or scrapyard in developing countries where the workers take the products apart and incinerate them causing them to breath in the toxic burning air. This is of course really bad for everybody’s health and also for nature and all the animals.

To make impact on the world, make it a better place with less harm from e-waste, I want to target the consumers of the electronic devices. Because this group knows less about e-waste and the problems that will come with it. Starting at a young age because the new generations are the future and will have the most knowledge about the topic. To reach this audience I’ve designed a lecture method for schools. Mostly it will be for primary schools.

My E-Boards method is going to target young students between 8 and 12 years old. The method will include a program offline and online through a website. This website is going to have a online portal for the teacher and the students, to look in the assignments, all the lectures and informational movie clips.

On the website you will find an 2D walkthrough game starting in their own house, seeing scrapyards in different countries, getting to know manufactures and recycle companies. The children will see stories of the electronic devices with guides throw the stories.

This game will be the reward after making an assignment on the website, seeing a device what they can take apart and of the parts get information about. This device will be also available in cardboard pieces. This board parts can put together and let be checked with the teachers. So they can earn a reward for building and understanding the parts correctly. This will be character parts to add with the cardboard device and work as a character for the game.

This method will be available in the future for multiple years. After each year the lecture will get harder, get more creative and have more assignments.

So after doing all these things and more, they have learned more about their electronic use, how the recycling works with the electronics, what materials it’s made of and where the recycle materials can go to make new devices.

So why is this important..

We don’t need every year a new phone or computer parts, they work just fine maybe slower but they don’t need to end up in the back of our closets and let the good materials sit there and be nothing, e-waste doesn’t have to be waste.

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