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"How might we ‘make a useful product from sheep wool to reduce the waste stream of it?’"


Every year 200000000 kg of sheep's wool is produced worldwide, of which on average 90% is not used. Many people do not know this and think that a wool jumper for €40 is a normal price. While a fair price for a wool jumper is around €400. Sheep farmers receive little or no money for their wool, so it ends up in large piles and does not get used.This is a shame because sheep's wool is a very beautiful product. When I discovered that sheep's wool is such a large waste stream and has many positive properties. I wanted to make a useful product out of sheep’s wool. To give the sheep's wool a new purpose in order to reduce waste steam and give sheep farmers a fair price. By doing that Lana was born.

Lana is a curtain made of sheep's wool. Using this material as a curtain has many advantages for the room. The advantages of wool are that it can regulate temperature and sound. The wool ensures that in the summer the heat is absorbed and in the winter the heat is given off. In addition, wool is a good insulator so your space would experience less echo with Lana.

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