Theme: ‘Work, Culture & Play’

"How might we ‘help students work more effectively by creating different environments in a workspace? ‘"


The environment can have a big influence on you as a person. It can influence your mood or behaviour and motivation to act. Therefor is working in a good work environment very important. It can promotes your wellbeing and productivity.

Nowadays students experience a lot of school pressure that causes stress or even burn-outs. Almost 80% reported at least partial disruptions to school and workplace mental health services. So a good work environment is needed. Creating a good workspace is depending on the certain activity students are doing and it depends on the person itself. Because everyone experience comfort in a different way.

The Pennel is a product consisting separate wooden sheets. By sliding the sheets into each other you can create a variety of interior products. You can build your own chair, table or space. You can create your own work environment. Through this modular working environment, you can create a good workspace for everyone.

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