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"How might we ‘make a festival safer and more pleasant for festival-goers when it comes to body temperature?’"

Coco Cool

Did you know that a festival can kill you? Yes you heard that right. If you can’t escape the heat on a festival field, the discomfort starts kicking in. It starts physically with even more sweating, followed by a headache, nausea and dehydration. Mentally it can make you feel irritated, uncomfortable, exhausted en even insecure. But what about drugs? This is where things get dangerous. Most drug users are not aware of their body temperature rising. It also switches off the rational version of themselves, making them forget to cool down. And when someone dies from MDMA or Ecstasy, it is almost always due to overheating. So how can I make festivals safer when it comes to temperature?

I wanted to make a safe place for festival-goers to cool down, get some air and freshen up but also to give them a mental and physical confidence boost. So the why behind this concept is of course to contribute to the safety of festival goers, but also to give them a safe place to care for their bodies and to give them a confidence boost when they need it the most. It’s about safety, self-care & ease. But what is Coco Cool? Coco cool consists of four walk-through blocks, each with its own function. These are scattered around the festival grounds on the walking routes. Festival-goers can walk through here to cool down, to refresh, or to hydrate. Which blocks do you have and what is the function?

Coco Breeze - when you walk through this block you get cold air blown on you from cooling air systems to cool your body temperature down. A frosty wind to extinguish your heat.
Coco Water - when you walk through this block you will be gently sprayed with water from water nozzles to cool your body down. Feel fresh and reborn again!
Coco Fix+ - when you walk through this block you have the opportunity to refresh yourself. You can use a mirror, blotting paper and deodorant here. Get that confidence back baby!
Coco Hydrate - when you walk through this block you have the option to drink cold water through a drinking water fountain. You can never hydrate enough, right?

Coco cool is a solution that is integrated as much as possible into the festival itself. Therefore, it should create a movement. If a festival can kill you due to temperature, then it should be normal to be able to cool down at a festival, right? It’s a movement. It’s easy. It’s cool.

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