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"How might we ‘create transparency in AI on both the front and back end for consumers and AI developers to gain a better understanding and create trust in AI?’"

AI Wide Open

AI Wide Open is a revolutionary technique that helps vulnerable people gain insights in how decisions are being made for them by an AI whilst doing sensitive tasks i.e., applying for a loan or health insurance.

By pressing on the eye icon when browsing a website where AI is being used you can see how the AI has been built, what data it’s build on and how that data is being used to make decisions for you. On this basis you can decide whether you want to blacklist the website, so you’ll no longer find them when browsing. The company of this website will also be notified that they are blacklisted so that they can see how important transparency and equal treatment is to everyone.

This will give back transparency and honesty in your life and will force companies not to hide behind a profitable but discriminatory model but rather be open about how they make these models that can possibly affect your life. The only step now is legislation so that every company must implement AI Wide Open, so join AI Wide Open and let’s make a difference!

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