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"How might we ‘help people better understand first hand what it means to suffer from depression?’"

Head inside

Look inside the head of someone who struggles with depression.

Head Inside is about better understanding a depression. People who are suffering from a depression know how this feels. It would be nice if friends or family who are not dealing with a depression will understand them, but that is a lot of the time not the case. If you don’t suffer from a depression it is hard to understand the feelings of someone who suffers from a depression.

Head Inside is an exposition where you will experience what a person thinks and feels who suffers from a depression. You will hear voices of different people in the exposition. These people are all people who suffer from a depression. They will tell their personal feelings and thoughts when suffering from a depression. These feelings will be shown and felt through art on the screens all around you and vibrations and warm and cold air that will be felt in the whole room.

By doing this I want to make depressions discussable. People struggle to talk about it and people who don’t know the feeling struggle with understanding. Via this exposition I want to help both parties and make them feel more comfortable.

Let’s help the people who suffer from a depression by trying to understand their feelings better through Head Inside!

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