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"How might we ‘help people with little knowledge about skincare rediscover their own skin, so that they can improve it with the right products?’"

SkinWay, The Booth

It is no secret that many people suffer from facial skin problems. There are countless products on the market today that can help us with this. But which product should we use? What is good for our skin and the personal skin problems we face every day?

Skinway's Booth can help you. The booth can be found in numerous shopping centres, it is accessible to everyone. The booth was designed as a relaxing environment so that you really experience a personal me-time moment. Through an interactive screen, you are asked questions that helps us to correctly analyse a skincare routine for you. After the experience, a page will be printed out where you will find all the information. (The products you can use with their ingredients, a personal routine and some tips and tricks to make taking care of your skin even easier). With this information, you can get started right away and give your skin the perfect boost!

Let's make skincare more accessible together!

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