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"How might we ‘build a housing community that first time house owners prefer over a house that you own by yourself?’"

Mi casa es su casa

The entire world is in a housing crisis due to various causes. The simple solution would be building more houses. While the number of people in our world is growing, the number of resources and space simply is not. By reading upon the shared economy I got inspired by communal living.

But do people really want to live in such a community? The answer is yes! My research shows that my target group is willing to share 59% of their living space. 67% is willing to share their kitchen, 87% their garden and all the 15 first-time-houseowners I spoke with where willing to share their living room.

Mi casa es su casa is a product within a service. The product is a setup for a community. Building blocks variating from bedrooms to kitchens to bathrooms, etc. are pre-produced in the factory. With these blocks the people will build their own community. The service around this is that the customers will be guided in their process of starting a community. The service then being matching personalities and skills and consulting on architecture, finance and ownership.

With this new way of living first-time-houseowners have the option to live in a community with likeminded people. Living in a shared community is not just sharing these recourses and space, but it is sharing experiences, knowledge and values.

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