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"How might we ‘create a movie experience in which the young multicultural audience can feel equally represented?’"


Once upon a time, there was a force called Stories. These were little messages containing lifelong learnings. They also made people feel happy, sad, scared, hopeful and more. Stories travelled from mouth to mouth, tribe to tribe, transforming –along the way- into what the tribes experienced. This way it was easier for the tribespeople to understand the emotions and learnings it brought.

As time went by, tribes grew into big communities, developing media, e.g., the so called ‘books’ and ‘movies’, that allowed Stories to travel faster and reach more people. But, with doing so, Stories lost some of its power. It could not completely transform to be understood by everyone. Consequently, some people missed the learnings and emotions it brought.

Enter Myrada, a tool created to help Stories regain its powers. It was used with ‘Movies’ and was created for children (age 10). This tool scanned them and created an animated avatar. Then, it paired each avatar with a personal face shield, allowing the children to see themselves on the movie screen.

Seeing themselves present in the story boosted the children’s self-esteem, self-worth, and it made them feel heard. Stories once again had the power to speak to everyone personally, unlocking emotions, lifelong morals, values, and hopefully live happily ever after.

The end.

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