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"How might we ‘educate families on what pet is right for their lifestyles in an interactive way?’"

The Try Pet

For millions of years, pets have been part of our lives. Researchers found that it once began with domesticating wolves; and eventually, cats, birds, rabbits and you name it came into the mix. A bond between a human and an animal is truly something special; there's hardly anything like it. People turn to pets for companionship and comfort. Over the course of the years, pets have easily gained the title of man’s best friend.

Sounds nice, doesn't it? But the reality of the situation isn't always so sunny. Many pets are dumped every year due to people misinterpreting the time, money and energy that goes into having a pet. These pets end up in shelters if they're lucky; out in the wild to defend themselves if they are not.

The Try Pet is an innovation created to combat these conditions and ensure animals get the home that they deserve. The Try Pet is an interactive experience that allows people to try having a pet without actually having one. The Try Pet will prompt families with “challenges” which in essence, are all tasks that come with pet parenthood. At the end of the trial week new (or current owners of other pets) will be assessed on their performance.

The end goal? Getting pets the homes that they deserve, and finding owners that are deserving.

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