Theme: ‘Rebooting Nature’

"How might we ‘utilize the non-recyclable textile waste?’"


Estimated 92 million tonnes of textile waste is being created each year globally and the numbers are increasing. Most of it ends up into landfills or getting burned. We are consuming more fast fashion than ever before and it’s affecting our climate.

My innovation Repark is a company that creates contemporary parks / playgrounds made from textile waste. This way we are preventing the material from getting burned or dumped into landfills in vain. It is also much more sustainable way of creating these eye-catching public pieces. Repark also provides containers for your used, non-reusable textile for you to recycle for our building material. These parks can also be used as educational places for younger people to learn about the effects from overconsuming clothes and recycling. Otherwise, these unique places are open for public, and the idea is to bring awareness and support people to start recycling their clothes.

Don’t throw your clothes into trash. Give them to us! – Circular economy is the future.

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