Theme: ‘Work, culture & play’

"How might we ‘educate children, in a playful way, about their impact on the environment?’"

The Story Catcher

One thing we all have in common is the earth. We all live on it. It’s our first home and we should learn how to take care of it. Just like how we teach our kids to clean up their mess after playtime, we also should teach them about how to keep the earth clean and healthy. When we look back to our childhood, it is easy to see how it shaped us to be who we are today. This is why it’s crucial to teach our children about the environment, especially at an early age. We must educate the next generation to ensure sustainable development.

Since environmental education doesn’t really have a good reputation like Spongebob. The Story Catcher will make it more fun to learn about the environment!

The Story Catcher will teach children about their impact on the environment by making the consequences of their choices visible. With interactive storytelling they will have control over the ending of the story. By collecting missions and fulfilling them with their own creativity, they will be rewarded with a short video. These short videos are the missing pieces to the whole story in which the consequences of their choices will be visualized. The impact that they made will be clear in the end video. They are the creators of the story, just like they will be the creators of their future.

The Story Catcher is more than just stories.

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