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"How might we ‘ease the grieving process of people who suffered traumatic loss of loved ones through virtual means? ‘"

A Good Bye

It can be the most sudden thing you will ever experience. Traumatic loss of loved ones. No time to process, grief, accept and say goodbye. People that suffer from traumatic loss must experience one of the hardest grieving processes known too grievers. There is simply a lack of time in combination with a tremendous amount of hurt. This uncontrollable shock needs attention and deserves help.

This is a virtual grieving tool. A space created in VR, with the image of the person, sound of their voice and the environment that made this person happy. A newly created memory to make the step towards acceptance easier. The clips from this are collected through social media and the people that are grieving. This is facilitated at the funeral home and arranged by a grieving counsellor. This way the images cannot be shown too often and the message can be a positive grieving tool.

Because grief is individual and differs per person, this innovation will never be for everyone. Yet because of its possibilities in choices throughout the experience, it becomes more personal and implementable for more people and their specific set of emotions. The goal is to give traumatic grievers a warming remembrance and positive road to acceptance.

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