Theme: ‘Work, Culture & Play’

"How might we ‘bring students together to connect comfortably in and outside of school?’"

Connect to Collect

Connect to Collect allows you to be yourself and represent what you are, where you come from, what your goals are and so on. And all this by means of a (card) game. Create valuable bonds with people and give each other the space to break the ice and work together towards enjoyable memories.

Besides the game, you can also do this at home with each other, to maintain contact. You do this by means of the accompanying application that ensures that you are not only in contact with the people from school, but also with your neighbours. Because as a student you also live next to other students in your neighbourhood who are just as longing for contact as you are. Play the game and challenge each other to make trips to the country where you are studying, even if it is only temporarily.

Connect to Collect is there to encourage you to make comfortable steps, build friendships or even connections for the future. Are you up to the challenge? Then connect and collect now.

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