Theme: ‘Health & Well Being  ‘

"How might we ‘maintain the health of young adult students while studying from home during the corona pandemic? ‘"

Your Neuroaestethic Study Room 

This concept is focussed on the isolation and studying from home the pandemic has brought with it. By tracking and monitoring human needs while being in a room for a longer time this installation provides the best working/studying room using neuroaesthatics. 

How does it work? The corona pandemic has once again proven to be nowhere near an end. Our government is giving the advice to do as much as possible from home and to avoid contact as much as possible. As going back to a normal studying situation isn’t possible right now I created an innovation using multiple assets to make an isolated life as maintainable as it can possibly be. My nearoaesthetic room innovation is a combination between a sensor monitored studying environment with an application in which the young adult student can quickly get solutions on how to get rid of mental or physical issues which are keeping them from their daily tasks and having an healthy wellbeing.  

The Room 

My innovation comes with several sensors which measure ‘the aesthetics’ in the room while you are studying. For instance: the amount of sunlight entering your room on a daily or hourly basis, the scents in your room or the amount of movement the young adult has on a daily or hourly basis.  By measuring these factors the sensors are given input which will be translated to an output giving advice on which changes to make in your work environment.  

The device 

Another source of input the young adult student can give while studying, is by using the ‘symptom Tinder’. For instance: when feeling dizzy or low in energy, the device is showing several symptoms which you can agree with if you are feeling those or disagree. After giving input the device will give you feedback on which measures or actions you can do to feel better and get rid of the ache you’re experiencing. Possible measures will express themself in use of neurohacks or powerfoods.    

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