Theme: ‘Digital Wellbeing’

"How might we ‘help businesses provide better mental health for their employees using digital solutions?’"


Immersense virtual reality glasses offer an immersive virtual reality-meditation experience. Through the use of live biofeedback implementation the virtual environment will adapt to what the user needs most at that specific moment in time to find peace within themselves.

Immersense strives to help businesses run better by helping their employees reach their optimum mental health. It will break up a (work)day by providing users with a moment of peace, completely adapted to what works best for them. This will give them a chance to let go of built-up stress and make them more focussed and motivated during the rest of the day, whenever and wherever they like.

Meditation can be hard for a lot of people, I want to make it more accessible by using virtual reality to immerse them into personalised environments.

I believe there can’t be a healthy business, without healthy employees.

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