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"How might we ‘stimulate others to share their wealth with less fortunate?’"


Fifteen years ago, I bought a new pair of shoes. They were of shiny patent 'leather' and very cheap. I was very young and had little money to spend, so that worked out well. After a few days, my mother came into my room. It stank of chemicals coming from the shoes. She told me to take them outside or return them. That was the first time I was forced to think about my purchases. Later, I found out that the people who make those cheap shoes work day and night in the smell of chemicals. I decided never to buy cheap clothes again.

Unfortunately, more than ever in history, there are people who are forced into work under terrible conditions. In some cases, you can even speak of modern slavery. This has led me to develop FairFund. A platform where markers of Fairtrade products can start a crowdfunding campaign on their own. Consumers, like you and me, can invest in the crowdfunding campaign by taking a picture. When enough photos are collected, they will be sold as a whole in the form of a NFT. The amount raised by selling the NFT will go to the markers of the crowdfunding campaign.

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